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this is gorgeous but i can’t help but think how scary it would seem at night, the leaves rubbing against the window, shaking in the wind and in the darkness it would mould into lots of shadows in the shape of monsters and witches

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watching you as you tell me about your day
feeling your hands twirling my hair
inhaling your deodorant as you cuddle closer to me
tasting your skin under my lips
hearing your breathing slow as you drift to sleep
i want to be with you, tonight and every other night.

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Potioneers sometimes have need of “claws” such as these in order to more easily manipulate small and delicate ingredients and protect themselves against those which are dangerous but still require extreme delicacy, which cannot be achieved while wearing a glove. Some wix have beautifully ornate sets of “claws” crafted for them.
"I hope my scent leaves you homesick."